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Our three specialized applications:


Roof Inspections

This new aerial (unmanned) technology significantly reduces human risk.  A definite winner and cost benefit for insurance companies, public claims adjusters, home owners and roofing contractors.

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Land/Waterway Inspections

This application significantly  reduces time in the field therefore increasing productivity and serves as an effective collaborative tool with other agencies.

New Building Progress 

New Construction Aerial Journaling facilitates and enhances communication between site supervisor, project manager, and corporate.   A distinct advantage for monitoring and resolving time phases to completion issues.

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Other services we offer:

Black Drone

Flight Lessons

2 to 4 Hour flight lessons!

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Workshops & School Programs

Learn about Flying, Safety and more.

Continuing Education Units Available

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High Structure Inspections

Drone-based video provides safety and cost saving solutions to numerous vertical structures and constructions sites.


What a better way to showcase your business or property than to offer a unique areal perspective that our service can provide

In a time when your business is fighting tooth and nail for advertising impressions and to stand out from the crowd, our aerial perspectives offer a distinct advantage over the competition.

Real-estate Packages

Real estate agents are quickly realizing that very low altitude aerial video footage captured by drones prove themselves as a enhancement tool for decreasing listing time. Additionally, agents who hire UAV video companies report that they are attracting more listings as well.

A few of the businesses that we have worked with:


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